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Viral Post Leads to Ads Windfall: Jon Negroni’s “The Pixar Theory”

Greatest post ever.

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Blogger Jon Negroni’s viral post, “The Pixar Theory,” was so big that it was republished on Mashable and Slate.  To date, the post has accumulated 4.4 million views on Negroni’s site.

Many of us think about readership growth as a function of regular posting, which, over time, brings in a following. Jon Negroni, in contrast, spent a great deal of time polishing a single blog post, followed by work to promote that one post.

Negroni didn’t do the work for income, but rather because the topic, and blogging in general, interested him. However, when WordPress.com’s WordAds group saw that he had a viral hit on his hands, we contacted Negroni and launched WordAds on his site so that he could profit from his hard work. He has earned thousands of dollars as a result.

We recently chatted with Jon Negroni about this exciting experience.

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Did you…

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